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Cardiovascular Research Foundation
1700 Broadway | 9th Floor | New York, NY 10019
646.434.4500 | [email protected]

CRF Center for Education
Tricia S. Rawh | Executive Director, Center for Education
646.434.4381 | [email protected]
Tara Lucas | Director, Industry Relations
646.582.6588 | [email protected]
Exhibits and Sponsorships
Affiliate Meetings
Fernanda Swan | Manager, Exhibits and Sponsorships
646.434.4338 | [email protected]
Training Programs
Penny Tsougas | Senior Project Manager, Medical Education and Training
646.434.4509 | [email protected]

Sareeta Nethersole | Project Manager, Medical Education and Training
646.434.4455 | [email protected]
Educational Grant Support Mariah Admire | Junior Associate, Grants
646.434.4322 | [email protected]
Liza Alegado | Director, Program Development
[email protected]
Continuing Medical Education Jennifer Siegel-Gasiewski | Associate Director, CME and Scientific Programs
[email protected]

Joe Heard | Manager, CME and Education
[email protected]
Faculty And Program Angela Louis | Program Manager, Meetings
[email protected]
Call For Science Analis Hernandez | Manager, Call for Science
[email protected]
Ligia Alas-Guerra | Director, Meetings
[email protected]
Meeting Logistics Catherine Brosnan | Associate Director, Meetings & Operations
[email protected]
Registration Danielle Goodman | Manager, Event Registration
[email protected]
Hotel Book your hotel after you register for the meeting. Your registration confirmation email will include hotel reservation information.
Accessibility If you require support for disability-related accessibility, please
contact us at [email protected] to let us know your needs.
CRF External Relations and Press
Press Contact Judy Romero | Associate Director, External Relations
646.434.4608 | [email protected]
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1700 Broadway, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10019
[email protected]

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